Knit One, Confuse Two

Funniest thing.

Someone on the Baltimore Craigslist posted an advert asking for help about “learning to knit”. They were asking if anyone could teach them in person. I figured instead of going through the hassle of waiting for someone to reply, I’d throw some links to good resources the persons way to help out. I wrote out this looooooooong e-mail about “knitting” and went back to read the posting to see if I’d missed anything. Boy did I ever. Though “knit” was in the title of the posting, the person actually had a crochet needle.


Thankfully, all of the links I sent also had extensive stuff on their sites regarding crochet. Speaking of, I should probably get back to the Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crochet 3rd Edition. Between learning to crochet, and learning more about knitting, it’s going to be a busy few weeks. I’m game for it though. I’ve got my Glenn Miller and Queen (Freddy Mercury era thankyouverymuch!) music loaded. 🙂

I did manage to FU Tree’s hat twice, but I made a good recovery at the last minute in both instances. The first faux pas, I had to rip out a good ten rows and slip eighty stitches back onto a pair of 16″ circular needles. 😀 <–not a “happy” happy face.

With the other, I missed a stitch and just went back with the needle until I got to the messed up part. Evidently, I didn’t join the colors properly and it made a big hole in the work. Heh, if he only knew how much I put into this hat. The scarf was easy compared with this. I just kept knitting on my 29″ circulars until it was done. I would have been better off with a pair of 18″ circulars.

This though…I want free French lessons for LIFE off of this!

LOL, just kidding. He’s cool enough that, despite the hardship, I don’t mind doing this for him with or without the lessons. I am happy that it’s almost done though. It frees me up to do Sophie’s scarf and then my hat and scarf before Winter sets in.

Aside from that, I expanded on the “Yarning Boy” story in my GJ.


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