Yay or Nay On The Blood Front

Oh bollocks!

Just when it seemed as though I’d be alright for donating, I come to find out my Calcium levels are off. Or could be. I’m really hoping that the blood test I took for my levels the other day was a fluke or at the very least reversible in the short term.

I signed up to do Apheresis at the ARC on 31 October after being rejected by the Vampires at the WBC study for the same day. I’d have prefered them (WBC) as they pay money and…honestly, I could use it to bolster the Hallowe’en reserves. Unless I can find a quick cash injection from somewhere, the kids won’t have candy from here this year. 😦

Between that and paying part on a bill, it would be nice to have that money flying down the way. 😦

The positive spin in all of this? If I am restricted from taking my meds, I’d qualify for two high paying clinical research studies in Bethesda. Neither of which involve me taking any medications or weird injections. Should I feel this level of ambivalence? Is it even right?

Screw it, I’m going downstairs.


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