Heady Tuesday

pre-braided_hair I chickened out. I washed my hair, of course, but when it came time to cornrow it, I totally flaked. My hair now looks pretty much the same as this picture I took right after my shower yesterday.

My reason for flaking? My arms. They’re still not used to the idea of being raised for an extended period of time and I’ve been lazy about stressing them in my exercise regimen. I guess I have to start now though because it’s getting long. It was down over my nose in the shower.

Regardless of my current management woes, I love having it this way. I love not having to get harsh chemicals applied to it every few weeks. I love not having the subsequent scarring and pain associated with said appointments. I love not having to worry about getting my hair wet. I love not having to worry about putting in even more chemicals in my hair as a repair method to the chemicals that were applied in the first place.

The only this I may re-evaluate about what I said yesterday regards the “mission” I had of combing/brushing it everyday. I’ve been reading online and, based on a lot of anecdotal evidence from others, it seems like a bad idea. I will give it two weeks and, if I notice a problem, I’ll stop cold right there. Washing on the other hand WILL be done everyday as I am a very active person and I sweat a lot (head included) as a result.

I will be getting my hands on one of the few shampoos I’ve had positive results with though. Suave Shampoo is the only one I’ve found to be friendly to my hair. It doesn’t break out, frizzle, split, melt (damn you TRESemmé!) or anything when I use it. I’m especially fond of their “Daily Clarifying” shampoos as well as the scented ones.

It’s actually interesting what I came across while researching all this stuff. I’d been looking for links for a fellow 43things goal poster and came across a really cool essay written by Alice Walker called ‘Oppressed Hair Puts a Ceiling on the Brain’ from her book titled “Living By The Word: Selected Writings 1973-1987“. You know damn well that thing is going on the Happy Hold ASAP.

I’m also recommending it to my buddy Zoukplouf. Considering all the good read recommendations he’s given me, it’s only fair.

pompomhatupdate00001 A funny thing happened yesterday morning. I was doing the updates to this blog no less when, on looking out of the window, I saw my mother tottering home…in 17 degree weather…from getting a cigar. I recognized her instantly, not merely from her walk or even from the coat she had on but from the hat I’d originally made for her that she had, until the day prior, refused to wear due to her irrational belief that the acrylic yarn was somehow “wool” and would cause her hair to fall out.

*looks up at my own healthy hair growing stronger than ever despite wearing my “Autumn” style hat, scarf, and glove set every day.*

Being so cold the day she went out initially, I pressured her into at least wearing it over her scarf, to which she obliged. When she came back, her testimonial was that it was so warm that, but for her hands and face, she didn’t even feel the cold. Seeing her wear that hat without bring prodded made me feel really validated as a knitter. Yep…*wipes one tear away with a little sniffle*

Ah well, back to the day.


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