Naturally Natural

In doing an Egosurf for my handle, I came across my membership to a site I haven’t visited in over a year called Nappturality. It honestly hadn’t entered my mind that it had been an entire year since I last logged into the site. Yet, according to Sys, it has been. Must remind myself to get on there more often than once in a blue moon.

I really need to considering how long my hair is getting. The back is down to my shoulder at this point. The sides are over my ears which is a major annoyance. That’s unstraightened too. When I get in the shower, it reaches that far down on its own with no help from me. The front is now just at the tip of my nose. I’m actually coming up on the first anniversary of having cut it this 8 April. Boy, how time flies!

Aside from that, I’ve been exercising. I may not be eating as properly as I should but the exercising is apparently balancing out the junkfood I’ve been forced to selectively eat. Lately, I’ve had a choice. Eat junkfood as a suppliment to the mainly beans and rice diet in an effort to get some fats and such in my diet that might otherwise have been served by eating a wider variety of food or…starve and suffer from malnutrition.

I loathe junkfood, but I loathe hospitals even more.

Even with eating the junkfood, I’ve managed to lose a few inches in size. I managed to get a pair of size 16US womens pants across my booty where before, that would have been laughable. They’re nowhere near being fastened, but just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get them that far past my lower thigh. That’s progress M’friends. Progress.

It almost makes me want to break out my ‘packed up until I lose weight’ box of clothes but I promised myself I wouldn’t do that for at least a year or 60kg, whichever comes first.

So, I’m going to keep up the fight and, between knitting and other things, I’ll work my ass off…quite literally. If I keep walking, I should be into these things by June, if not before.

After that, there’s the medical study front. I’ve managed to get it for two (I hope) studies. One’s sending mixed messages and the other is positively confirmed for tomorrow. The mixed messages one is a payout of $100.00USD and, considering how much healthy food that will buy as well as how many bills that will help slay, I hope they’re not jerking me around.

The other doesn’t pay nearly as much but even $20.00USD is better than nothing at all. It jingles in my pet bank account just as happily as a larger sum. At the end of the day, it all adds up.

Er. Um. I’ve also got to collect the ‘Big Assed Line O’ Health Links’ from my blogroll. —>

It’s actually for a guy. He’s heavily into fitness, health, etc. Oh yeah, he’s cute too. I’m being diplomatic. He’s bloody on fire but I’m being good about it. He’s cool too so, rather than pounce, I’d like to become friends. Friends is nice and good and wholesome. Friends is like a Wonderbread commercial. 🙂

Er, anyway. I’ve got to slough it over to Little Italy today. I need to round up the knitting and pack my backpack for travel. Water and Yum Yums. I call it “Preparedness”.


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