Three Studies For Me or Possibly More

I know for certain that I’ve got at least one scheduled next week. The woman on the phone said that, if she can, she’ll find other studies that I could participate in. Essentially, it’s a $20.00USD blood draw. I’d be really happy if I walked away with more than that and, if possible, even happier still if I get the cash money that day and a branch of my bank were right there near the place I’m going to have this done.

Study two is a family genetics study. $100.00USD a piece for every family member that participates. Any other time, they’d be sniffing around the door waiting for the monetary chum to hit the water but, when it comes to doing something on their own, suddenly, they’re suspicious and want to clam up. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

As long as I can find three to four genetic relatives to cover my ass. I don’t really care. Just fill out the paperwork so I can get my money. It’s not like anyone even has to take medications or do much more than a blood draw.

Study three. Oh my hell… $2,600.00USD (you read that right) for going back and forth to Bethesda for an obesity study. All I have to do is go there for some tests, blood work, six overnight visits, and some upkeep group meetings with other participants and, in exchange, they’re offering me full assistance (and MONEY) to lose weight. WTF…and all I have to lose is four to five pounds a month.

Me, I’m happy. Me so happy.

I feel a bit bad for my mother though. She thought she had a study with SNBL today but…it didn’t work out. There were so many mixed messages there, I’m not sure I’ll participate there beyond paid blood draws. I was upset but she was really pissed and discouraged to the point where she’d given up on ever considering another study. She did say though that she was interested in hearing more about some of the ones I found at the National Institutes. I hope she finds one to her liking when she calls the Patient Recruitment Line.

I’ve got to go back to making arrangements for getting down to Bethesda for this study. I have a friend in Tacoma Park and, hopefully, I can crash with him if there’s going to be a major travel hiccup with coming from Baltimore to Bethesda. Ya ya yay!


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