Tall Hair Rising

In having a lunch with a good friend, a joke was make referring to my “tall” hair. I initially brushed it off as an exaggeration of what I thought was my relatively modest hair length and perceived hair height.

I just combed and brushed it a few moments ago. It’s a little over eight inches high. O.o

I couldn’t get it to grow that long so quickly before in the entirety of my life. It’s only be a year and a few days since I shaved it bald and to have it come back like this…wow. I do nothing to it beyond washing and the occasional comb/brush session. No conditioner and, until recently, not even a hot comb. With this one recent experience, I swore to myself that no artificial implement shall find its way into my hair again. No hotcomb. No perm. No grease. Just shampoo.

Aside from that, I’ve started on “The Serendipitous Sofa Afghan”. It’s not really going to be a complicated piece. Basically, I’ve been turning all the pieces of left over worsted weight yarn into one big ball and my plans for it have been to knit ‘something’ with it. Whether this was an article of clothing or something else was left up to fate. Well, 200 CO stitches later, an afghan it will be. It’s getting a fringe at the end. A highly likely to be Caron Country Rose fringe.

For my travels, I’m going to be starting on “Zany Zoukplouf Hat” since his birthday is coming up in a little over a few weeks time. That way, I’ll have something small to work on when I’m on buses, trains, Metros, MARCs, and sitting in waiting rooms waiting to tinkle given all the studies I’m signed up for currently. If I’m good, it shouldn’t take long and if I’m really quick, I’ll slip in a pair of elbow length gloves for myself. Then to Zuppy The Guppy and Family.

Busy Busy Busy. Now to knit and go a’Beatling.


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