Tall Tremoring Order For Tree

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00023 I made this scarf for an actor I’m a fan of (More and More). A friend and I actually conspired to horrify grace him with our artistry and he seemed appreciative. It was not only a gift for him but a “challenge” practice item for me in that he’s a bit hard to place due to his size and features. Whether he kept it all or not, who can say? Regardless, I just hope someone got some good use out of it. It took a blasted long time to knit and my artistic intentions were honorable. Horridly crude, stumbling, and amaturish, but honorable.

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00032 A showing of the contrasting colors. I made it with a light and dark blue yarn but, owing to a sudden storm darkening my natural light, the pictures didn’t come out so great. The colors are actually quite bright and beautiful. One is a very light blue produced by Caron while the other is a darker Royal Blue by Red Heart. Mind you, it’s been a while. I may well have the two mixed up. Eep!

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00010 I was temporarily possessed by Calvin here. Must be from reading too many comic strips combined with too overactive an imagination. Seriously, the scarf is eight feet long by around a foot and a half wide. I made it on a pair of 29″ 6US circular needles. It took a condensed time of twelve days to make it but, being lazy, I managed to stretch it out over several weeks leading up to a month.

I also made slippers but, for reasons of copyright, I can’t show the design on this site since it’s not mine to display or make any economic profit from.

kdgift00002 I can, however, show my being a smartypants in making a miniature version of both the scarf and slippers (not the same slippers design) as a passive agressive joke about said actors height. As you can see, the items are very much smaller than a foot long. Actually, this photo most accurately represents the colors of the scarf. The picture is one of a series taken on a different day with much less cloud cover. :p

I also made a matching hat but that’s another post entirely. Check this blog for more on that piece of s…work.


2 thoughts on “Tall Tremoring Order For Tree

  1. Let’s see. Based on the color, yarn type, size, and time/effort that went into making it, not less than $25.00USD.

    Though as I said in the post, I made it as a gift.


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