The Rooster Scarf

rooster_scarf00005 Several centuries ago, I started this scarf and finished everything but the tassles. To be precise, I finished it in April. It had been collecting dust in my yarn bin since but this morning, for some odd reason, I felt the urge to finish it and put it up on the blogs and Flickr. So here it is in all its glory.

I’m hoping to have it in the mail when next I get postage enough to buy one of those cool envelopes that send things priority. In the meantime, I’m going to start on something else. Why I feel the need to fiddle with hot acrylic yarn in the middle of a heatwave is anyones guess.

rooster_scarf00002 I made it using my trusty 6US 16″ circulars and finished it off with a size K crochet hook to make the tassles. The condensed time frame for making this scarf would be around two days with breaks for meals and other necessities.

The yarn used was Red Heart Woodsy, Red Heart Light Gray, and Red Heart Hunter Green, all acrylic, and all worsted weight. Normally, I don’t like making scarves but I did enjoy this and I might try to repeat this pattern with different colors.


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