I Look Like Mickey Mouse…

08-June-2008-Hair_Bunches00002 I finally did “something” with my hair. It’s now long enough to put into bunches. Though, in all honestly, it’s been this long for a while. I’ve just been to lazy to put it up, opting instead to wear it out.

Now that I’ve got it like this, I think I’m going to wear this style until it gets long enough to pull back into one tail. Either that, or just two bunches on either side of my head. There’s a third bunch in the back and I’m only just now remembering how annoying it can be to have these things on my head when trying to sleep. I’m still too lazy to cornrow it but I may not have a choice after a while.

Ah well, I’ll get used to it.

pater_scarf00001 In other stuff, I’m restarting the scarf I originally started for my father. It’s not really out of guilt or anything, because I don’t feel it nor do I have a reason to do so, but I just feel like making another attempt at reaching out. He’s a few years shy of eighty now and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with him on at least some level since, given his age, he’s not likely to see another twenty years.

Advanced warning: The photo above of the scarf is a cheat. I don’t feel like waiting for the sunlight to be to my advantage and re-align everything for this photo. Since it’s the same solid gray design I’d originally intended, I’m just putting the original picture here instead. I’m doing it on my straights this time though and I plan on finishing this one either tonight or Wednesday at the latest. It depends on my mood.

From there, I’ll move onward to something else. Ah well, downstairs to knit.


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