The Pink and Gray Scarf and Hat Set

sda_pink-and-gray_scarf00010 I could have a long and fantastic tale about this one involving a desert, Sultan, mysterious quest, and a Genii but I don’t. Darn it. I really must stoke my imagination more and put some stories on my story blog. My mental playground needs the workout.

I could also tell a big fat fib and say that I made this stuff in less than one day. That would surely get me struck by the Lightning of the Multiverse if there is such a thing. It actually took me more than two months and I was none too thrilled to be working with the dreaded pink yarn. I did mention my loathing of the color pink, right? Yep, can’t stand it. *shudder*

sda_hat00003 In truth, this scarf and hat set came about during a two month span of time in appreciation for a nice lady who showed grace and kindness to us when we had nothing. She’s consistently been one of the “Good People” who remind me that the world is a pretty cool place once you get past the few sucky people. I wish upon her, her church, and all who help them lots of good things in their lives. They’re really good people. That’s what kept me going. I wanted to do something nice for her in return for all the good she’s done for us. It’s the least I could do.


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