Fall Harvest Multicolor Set

fhmblackset00001 This one was a little something for me. I’d been making things mostly to sell and as gifts for other people, so I figured I’d treat myself for a change. I’d seen the Fall Harvest yarn in catalogues for a while and was very interested in obtaining it but, until a certain point, was unable to due to lack of financial resources.

When I finally did get the yarn, I took my time trying to figure out just how to put the whole thing together. Ironically, I didn’t follow the pattern I set out at all. Instead, I just made alternating blocks for the scarf. All told, it took me weeks to do, mainly because of my notorious dislike of doing scarves the “long” way. I much prefer casting on 200+ stitches on a pair of circular needs and just knitting until its wide enough than to sit there for hours turning and turning the work.

Still, I got it done in the end.

fhmblackset00006 The next item on the agenda actually wasn’t even on the agenda. I’d had quite a lot of the Fall Harvest Multicolor and Black yarn left over and figured I’d make myself a hat to go with the scarf. So, in literally twenty-six hours, I made the hat. I wish I were kidding about that, but I’m not. It was one of those sleepless days I sometimes suffer.

I’m not only proud of this hat for having done it in such a short span of time. I’m also proud because this was my first sojourn into the land of the ribbed stitch. I used K2 P2 and it came out pretty well actually. It was actually pretty fun knitting this hat in that I just kept going without having to look. This was actually the first time I’d truly done that and I really preened over the newly acquired skill.

Which brings me to the last item. Last, but certainly not least.

fhmblackset00002 I had still more yarn left and figured “Why not?” when I planned this last bit. It was getting cool enough out that I figured I’d need some gloves or mittens of some kind. Not yet having the skill to make fingered gloves or mittens (thumbs), I embarked on a project to make these fingerless gloves using the two yarns.

I didn’t use any kind of set pattern for it beyond guesstimation and initiative and I managed to come out with a pair of gloves that fit pretty well on my rather large hands.

As always, the webcam is not the best in the world and the colors shown are not reflective of how they look in real life. They’re much more vibrant and, if you can find it, look up Red Hearts Fall Harvest Multicolor to get an idea of what I’ve got or, if you see me on the street this upcoming Autumn/Winter, just look at it.


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