I’m Going Down…

Get your filthy minds out of the gutter. I’m going down to Bethesda for the first of six Inpatient stays for the study.

Ironically, I am not nervous about my upcoming stay at the National Institutes of Health. Considering the fact that they’re going to be doing some surgery on me, I suppose I should be but I’m not. Instead, I’m more scientifically interested in what’ll be occuring when I get there and whether they’ll let me use their computers to continue to update this blog while I’m down there.

Included in this blog post are the notorious pictures. This, my fellow Terrans is the first in a long line of pictures that will document my progress in attaining this goal.


Anyway, one is of me from a side profile while the other is the front angle. The shirt has been pulled back a bit to give a better idea of body shape but otherwise, the pictures are accurate. The shirt is an XL and the pants are a size 16 womens. Whatever that means in the land of Ladies clothes is unknown to me. In Mens I wear a 36 – 38 depending on the cut.

My current stats are:

  • 61 Inches/5 Feet 1 inch/1.55 Meters tall (not likely to change)
  • 228 US Pounds/104 Kilograms/16 Stone (working on it)

Within one year, I hope to have at least lost one quarter that weight. If only I could gain height for each ten pounds lost…*sigh*

My ultimate goal is to get down to around 140lbs/63kg/10st and maintain that weight with a healthy diet, exercise, and all that good stuff.

For a good laugh: On a recent visit to my PCP/Ob/Gyn, it was again suggested I consider a breast reduction. Not due to my weight but because, in her opinion, I am simply too top heavy. She gave me another referral and I’m going to call and see about it but check first with the $2,600.00USD medical study people first to see if it would disqualify me from participating. I don’t want to lose out on that money as it would get me back in school but it would be nice not having the lead weight issue.

I’ll just have to see.


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