Volunteerism May Cause Insomnia

I’m back in with the ARC and…someone decided to take the early shift on one day for an entire month. Aren’t you sure I’m crazy proud of me?

Truthfully, I don’t mind doing it. In all honesty, I’m usually up the night before anyway due to lack of sleep issues. With the exception of two of those days on which I’m planning on donating plasma and platelets, I can shoot right back home and (hopefully) be so tired that I’ll drop right off and get some proper rest. Either that or get some proper rest on the Metro system while traveling home.

Oh, lets be honest! While walking to and from the site.

Speaking of Blood Product Donation. A really quirky turn of searches reminded me to update my information with the National Marrow Donor Program and call to volunteer for the ARC in the first place.

As I’ve been writing about over the past few weeks, my maternal grandmother has Cancer and is not expected to live long. Given the type she has, Multiple Myeloma, I remembered that the NMDP didn’t have my updated telephone number and promptly fiddled with the website until I got it to work properly. On writing about this, I’m actually reminded that I’ve got to find new contacts. I live with one, broke up with another, and the third has switched their number four times since I originally registered.

The thing that made me volunteer (aside from my own desire to) at the ARC was the really quirky one. I watched Sally Lockhart (The Ruby in the Smoke) last night on WETA, one of the local PBS‘s, and the actor portraying two of the characters in the program was one I’d seen before and admired for his acting abilities. So, being of a wiki mindset, I searched him up to read his profile and more about anything else he might have been in that I’d enjoy seeing. David Harewood, as it turns out, gave the gift of life a while back.

How cool is that?

About three minutes after reading the article about his donation experience on the BBC, I called the ARC volunteer co-ordinator and set up my new schedule.

Let’s just hope I can make it out of the door at the ass crack of dawn.


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