Oh Richard Blackwell, Step Aside…

Y’know, beyond someone checking me out for issues of clothing possibly being out of place or the odd food on the side of the lip, etc. I cannot be bothered with someones opinion of my ensemble. It’s mine and I paid for it. I maintain it. I wear it. I even make it, fix it, and/or style it.

So, tonight when my mothers long time ‘friend‘ called with a stern admonishment regarding her parental responsibilities to ‘keep me in linevis a vis my wardrobe, hairstyle, etc, it was all I could do not to laugh my ass off in the background. You see, I’ve got RADAR for when someone’s talking about me on the telephone and, despite only hearing my mother’s end of the conversation, I knew what was being said.

So my poor mother is defending me the whole time on the phone when all she had to do was hand it over. When she finally ended the conversation, she’s the one profusely apologizing for the behavior of someone else. I begged her not to do that because, quite frankly, it’s not her fault that her friend is an asshole a busybody know-it-all who insinuates herself in everyones business especially even when not invited.

I told my mother this; If someone has something they’d like to say about me, either say it to my face or don’t say it at all.

How mature is it to hide behind a sixty-seven year old woman when it comes to your own opinion about a person? Don’t hide behind my mother…come to me. I’m right here and I was actually in the same room. What was said could have been said to me. Why wait three weeks [the timeframe she’s claiming to have had the issue with me] or even three days [the timeframe of her last visit] to run your mouth second hand about my hair, clothing, or anything else about my person?

What cowardice…

It’s like I always say. If you’re not paying for it to be on me then don’t bitch about what I choose to wear or how I choose to style my hair. When you pay for it, I’ll wear what you buy within the bounds of good taste and safety for me. Otherwise, f— off.


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