Ironic Recipes…

It seems strange to keep getting so many ‘helpful’ spam links. Here’s another one.

I got a linkback from a site called JabberTagz, with a specific tag entry of ‘magz’. Now for those of you who don’t remember, I had a high amount of praise for a woman who goes by that handle on a forum I came across where the topic of the discussion was Poly. A number of people on the site were derisive about it as a practice [without knowing a thing about it] and she came along in a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western fashion and set them straight.

Seeing the tag in the spam made me curious to see what else in the world was tagged ‘magz’, so I went exploring to this page. On the site, I saw links to three sites, including my own, and decided to follow the other two. One led to a thread on a site called vBulletinSetup.

The other site seems much more interesting. The link took me to a post on what looks to be a recipe blog called Zaiqa featuring Hyderabadi Cuisine as its main topic.

You know how I am about recipe blogs…especially when they feature vegetarian/vegan food. *doing the dance of joy*

Who could have thought that Spam would bring so much joy into my life…*sniffle*


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