All In One

I’m officially the laziest person on the planet. The karaoke machine I wrote about previously has a television. So, with my TV/Radio/Cassette player/CD player/Radio/Karaoke machine, I’ve got no reason to leave my room other than for food.

I’m only kidding. I do need to use the facilities. Joking…or am I… ;-p

Its a black and white TV, but I’m not complaining. Its more than what I had prior to this and, with all the other features, it’s better than nothing.

With the microphone feature, I can record myself and then play back my horrid pronunciation [verbal butchering] of four languages. Either that, or get my friends to give me the right way to say things. Its ironic how I tend to pick up Sign Language better than any verbal language. Three hours with Signing Time and I’m making nearly full sentences but ten YEARS of practice with one verbal language and I’m barely making any headway.

I can’t believe it’s actually been ten years, but, on googling the song that led to the artist that led to the song that led to the artist that led to the sub-language, the timeline is indeed that long.

I’m going to go and practice now. Believe me, I need it.


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