I’m Really Not Liking People Today…

Lots of bad stuff happened yesterday [24 October 2008]. I don’t even want to get into it much though. The callousness of some people really peeved me off though. To let a man sit and sick all over himself without even asking if he were alright is disgustingly horrid even by the lowest standards.

All I can hope is that today will be better. It’s kind of cool because it’s going to rain, so at least there’s that. I love the rain. If heightened photosynthesis weren’t necessary for the growth and health of most of the foods and plants I love, I’d have it like that nearly all the time. Most people get really depressed by it but, with me, I feel rejuvenated. Always have. Sunny warm days are anathema to me. The cold, dreary, rainy, foggy, sleety, and snowy days on the other hand. Nice.

Evidently, the depression is shining through like a little ray of negative sunshine. I was in the therapist’s office today and even she remarked about how ‘drained and down’ I seemed the last few visits. No sleep and changes to my medication and appetite haven’t helped either. I just haven’t felt hungry at all lately. I try to get the food down but it’s a bit like trying to eat after stuffing oneself to the point of sickness at a big holiday feast. Pbbbbbbt.

Physically, I’m not sick. No colds or anything. I have been ‘feverish’ according to people who came into contact with me but them touching my forehead or arm is hardly a scientific measure of my body temperature. So pbbbbbbt on that one as well.

About the only positive things I’ve had happen today were a lack of fines on what I know to have been one late book and one on hold, a humorous situation involving the Kama Sutra, and a nice snack of vanilla yogurt. I love the library and yogurt.

I’m going to practice my linguistics studies now. I usually cheer up when I focus on this one language family in particular.


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