It’s Insane…

People who formerly had some money really must not know how to survive. The so-called Middle Class seems to be featured in every story on the news lately as a bumbling group of virtual newborns unable to cope with the changing economic situation.

My question is, why.

I simply cannot believe that so many are so devoid of common human sense when it comes to economically taking care of bills, grocery expenses, etc. I don’t believe it. If food costs too much, go to a less expensive market and make sure you don’t waste. Instead of buying new clothes every day/week/month/year, save your clothes, wear hand-me-downs, and shop at consignment shops and thrift stores. There are lots of options out there…including…sharing resources if necessary.

Now I’m looking at the Nightly News and they’re talking of something I’ve seen for almost as long as I’ve been alive; the Election Fraud and Intimidation campaigns that usually crop up during elections.

When I lived in my old neighborhood, someone would put up signs instructing people to vote on any other day but the first Tuesday in November. Other signs would warn of ‘severe penalties’ if anyone who hadn’t filed taxes by 15 October, or who hadn’t paid child support, or who had outstanding parking tickets tried to vote. There were even a few that put up flyers warning that it was a federal crime to vote if one didn’t have a High School Diploma.

This would, effectively, convince quite a few people who weren’t familiar with the electoral process not to go to the polls to vote.

Now its happening to the [comparatively] rich people. Weird that. I’m at the point where I’m jaded about such things. I’m also highly malicious. I’ve had it in my mind for years to, if given the opportunity, find the numbskull that hires the [usually] naive people to post the flyers. Voter Intimidation IS actually a Federal [and State] crime.

Anyway, like I said, I’m hoping no one who can actually afford an education is that uninformed. If they are, my advice would be to contact the State Board of Elections where you live and they’d redirect you to the right information.

True dat yo. There, that’s my obligatory stereotypical ‘slang’ speak for the day.


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