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I was told in the medical study to be more proactive in weighing myself. Apparently, I was defying all medically recognized feats by gaining weight while exercising and eating proper food.

Yeah, I know. It’s weird to me as well.

During this period, I spent my time meticulously counting calories, being ever watchful of what I ate, when I ate it, and how much I did eat to the point where my mother got sick of me. I didn’t eat junk food and, to her, that was tantamount to sin.

Get this part though; I actually gained weight during this time. I jumped up twelve pounds from my lowest recorded weight when I initially joined The GEIO Study. Naturally, it was assumed that I must have been sneaking food somewhere and gorging on junk food or something but I honestly wasn’t and hadn’t. Unless you count apples, lettuce, orange juice, etc. as junk food, I hadn’t touched the stuff.

So I was given the recommendation of actually weighing myself rather than ignoring the scale as I had been and, the more I did this, the more it went up. I maxed out at nearly 250lbs. This is with exercising, journaling, eating properly, literally measuring out my food and everything that goes along with a healthy fitness regimen.

Understandably, this made me depressed as hell. Here I was completely eschewing the foods I loved in favor of an even more healthy diet than the one I was already consuming and I gained weight.

The first thing I thought of was my medication. Depakote has been known to cause weight gain and appetite increase but my appetite hadn’t increased from what it normally had been. In fact, it decreased and I was frequently unable to finish meals that I’d have asked for second helpings prior to starting this whole thing. The whole thing has been one long heady trip.

Recently, I’ve been pretty much out of action due to my foot and, you guessed it, I lost weight. I was about 245lbs maintained prior to my foot getting crazy and within literally the past week and a half, I’ve lost nine pounds without even trying beyond doing Yoga. If you saw what I’ve been eating…hell, I cried when I calculated it all up.

The only difference between me now and me a few weeks ago is a switch in my meds. I explained to the doc what was going on and she upped the Lamotrigine due to both my suspicion of the Depakote weight gain and a bit of an uptake problem. Edema problems have been few, far between, and nowhere near the severe levels I’ve suffered on occasion. If I could just get up and walk more I’d feel more fulfilled though.

What a weird turn of events. I’m going to have to e-mail them about this.


4 thoughts on “More On Fitness

  1. What have your body proportions been doing? Are your clothes getting big and baggy or are you increasing in size?

    Often when working out a lot we can gain weight due to muscle mass increasing.

    The key is body proportion. If you are taking care of your diet and exercising and your body is getting smaller or at least changing it’s shape, then ignore the scale.

    Good luck!

    Dr Marks

    P.S. try this link


  2. I tend to blow up like a balloon when I’m retaining fluid. I went from a 102 waist to a 106 and then to a 109.

    Otherwise, my proportions have been decreasing with the lowest measurment being the 102. I actually had to ‘splurge’ and buy three new pairs of pants [I’m a minimalist] over the past few months due to my yo-yo-ing body size. I hadn’t been able to fit into the smaller of the two sizes for nearly five years.

    At the reading of this, I just tried the smallest pair of pants I own on [size 16 womens] and they fit. I think the largest are a 20 possibly. I normally wear mens clothes, so I’m not sure enough of womens sizes but in mens the largest was a 42 and the smallest I’ve been was a 32.

    Heh, I guess I have a pair of jeans now. I bought them in anticipation of my losing enough in inches to wear them and I’m now below that measurement.

    Thanks very much for the advice and for the link.


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