The Election Drama – I Feel Giddy

One week. It’s [the General Election] coming in one week. I’m going to be going to my polling place in one week. This is my first time going there. I’m probably going to walk it like I did in 2004 and 2000. I live so embarassingly close to the polling place that it wouldn’t make sense not to go there, even with my foot hurting the way it is. Its actually closer than the supermarket I normally frequent, the doctors office, the library, as well as a variety of other places.

I’ll consider this my electoral pilgrimage.

Last night, I was thinking back on the 2004 elections. I thought a good deal about why I am now not a member of any political party, why I reject wholly the main two parties currently in majority in Congress, and why I am voting for the candidate of my choice. Ha Ha Ha, no endorsement, even now. Beyond a search for the truth, peoples electoral choices are none of anyones business. No one should bully [nor be bullied into] voting for a candidate not of their choosing [or lack thereof]. It’s fundamentally wrong to even come close to it and lacking in honor.

Anyway, back during 2004, I made it a point of giving the ‘big two’ a chance by trying to sign up for their various e-mail lists.

One group [e-mail lists] rejected me outright without even so much as an e-mail explaining why they were rejecting me. They knew nothing about me beyond my profile and hadn’t even bothered to ask anything of me.

The other group [see above] approved me but marginalized not only myself but anyone else [among my friends] who had an opinion that wasn’t in line with their main party view. In other words, they were willing to ‘tolerate’ us so long as we didn’t ‘get uppity’ and try to sit anywhere but in the back of the bus.

I really don’t know which peeved me off more. For both though, it was the catalyst for my deciding not to join any party once I’d left the Greens. I’d mainly joined them to get them on the ballot in Maryland since I support having as many voices as possible in representation in political office.

So, for this election, it’s going to be fun. I’m going as early as possible in the hopes of avoiding the long lines. Afterwards, I might get a celebratory yogurt and other snacks from ALDI’s.


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