Too Early…

Blood sucking leeches. I realize that the good majority of telemarketers are probably nothing like what we seem to keep getting. Beyond the debt I’m in a settled arrangement to pay, we don’t have any other bills. Nor do we have anyone named ‘Don’ or ‘Agnes’ or any other indescript name here either.

Today, we got calls from not one, not two, but three seperate groups. I didn’t even bother to answer the first since they’d called so early.

The second I traced back to a company called the CBE Group, INC. Evidently, they’ve got a bad reputation even among the most annoying of telemarketers.

I know this to be true because call number three gave a strong denial of being associated in any way with CBE Group, INC and promised to take me off of their phone list since it was an incorrect listing. When I searched that number online, I came across a lot of equally awful reviews for a company called Pinnacle Financial Group.

Now, I was either on to something or I’ve found the proof positive way of getting rid of telemarketers/bill collectors/harassing unwanted/unsolicited calls. Ask them if they’re associated with the known worst groups out there and see what response you get. Hey, it’s worth a shot.


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