Oh Wow…

Oh my wow…oh my wow. I am going to study, knit, and study more to get enough skill to make this jacket. Mine will be longer and in different colors but it shall be mine. It might also have a hood.

2 thoughts on “Oh Wow…

  1. I have looked at your Flickr images, and I bet you could knit that coat now. If you could knit those red and blue slippers, you could knit the coat. All I would say is that make sure you are comfortable with increasing for the shoulders and picking up stitches from the edge of knitting, everything else should be fine.


    • I have two gift sets I’m working on and then I’m taking the plunge as far as the jacket is concerned. The instructions are great; its just my own personal butterflies that have held me back up until now. I do need to learn more about picking up stitches but…as my first lopsided project can attest to, increasing isn’t my problem LOL.

      Still, I made one of my goals on my 43things list to knit at least twelve projects in 2009 and this one would be perfect given the yarn I have. The other, to knit all the yarn I’ve bought, would also be fulfilled.

      Thank goodness Baltimore County Public Library is holding a series of knitting classes at one of their branches. I can go bug them for more hands on advice as practice before I dedicate my needles to the coat.

      Thanks very much for your comments and your great patterns.


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