Honesty and Integrity

It’s a high virtue and thank goodness I said something this morning. Honesty is also the reason I so highly respect the Vampires at my local Vampires Hollow.

I had the big ‘Hallowe’en’ appointment this morning and I called in to explain that I was late and that I’d have to stretch my tendon out.


One of my favorite Vampires at Mount Hope explained that, because I have an inflamed tendon, I cannot donate until the inflammation is gone. This is what I love about my local. They adhere to the Consent Decree above and beyond the letter.

Even so, there’s now no telling when I’ll be able to give now. Its entirely dependent upon the injury and it’s expected to last at least a year without more radical medical intervention. I initially dismissed the idea of the localized shot based on my notorious history of avoiding any but the most natural means as possible of healing, but with this…I may have to let this take a back seat in the name of other people’s good health.

It was kind of funny. I think I shocked her when I asked about my chances with the shot. I know from talking with my doctor that it would be painful and the Vampire reiterated the sentiment. Ah well…*steeling self*

I need to get one or more people to donate in my place. Not only would it fill the hole left by my not donating but it would, hopefully, get at least one new donor. I’m a B+ with a really high platelet count. Anyone out there with the same blood type?


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