Three Times The Charm

I had a group of rotten little…opportunistic young entrepeneurs who decided to come to my door three times. The first time they got a lot of candy and didn’t complain. The second time, one of them got specific in his orders like I was the First National Bank of Candy or something. When he realized he quite possibly burned his bridges with me as far as candy by being picky, they came in with a fourth kid to most probably get candy for them.

I totally caved when I saw the looks on their faces and gave them more. I’m such a sap for Hallowe’en. Yep.

All told, it’s been a great night of ghost, goblins, demons, princesses, and various other young nefarious keeping up the proud tradition of banging on peoples doors in the name of caloric greed.

I’m rounding off tonight with a good dose of knitting and Numb3rs. Happy Hallowe’en everyone!


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