Update – My Former Slumlords Plead Guilty

This is just wrong. Considering what we had to go through with that company, they got off too lightly. I could go on about a number of their other properties [including where I lived] that were declared uninhabitable and a new low in the definition of ‘slum’ but I think this article gives a pretty good idea.

The residents should have had a say in their punishment and…the punishment the slumwankers got should have been brutal. I’m hoping that they have to pay not only through the nose, but through the teeth, and various other parts that would make it highly punitive and painful. This wasn’t the only set of properties they’d been investigated on.

Apartment Residents Surrounded By Sewage Vindicated

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore City property management company is facing a guilty plea in court and a hefty fine for pumping raw sewage from an apartment complex into the street.

Residents of the Beaufort Crest apartments on Woodlawn [Mispelled, should be Woodland] Avenue in northwest Baltimore began complaining in September 2005 about ankle deep sewage in the stairwell. As I-Team Investigative reporter Barry Simms reported, children were playing in filth and some residents complained of skin rashes. Residents also said the stench was terrible. [More]


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