Oh HAPPY…Day…Night…Huh…

I had some sage tea early this morning. Sage and the pretend Cinnamon [aka Cassia]. I feel so spacey right now. My foot is the last thing on my mind though. It still hurts but the Leary Experience I’ve been having dreamwise has been cancelling out the pain quite nicely. No, I am not high. Just really sleepy as sage tends to do to you.

The only reason I really had it was due to my mother leaving the house at either two-thirty to two forty-five this morning under the mistaken belief that it was nearing dawn. She kept repeatedly lambasting herself over her mistake but it was an honest one. I really wish she’d stop beating herself up over honest errors and the spiteful words of others.

As I’ve said in the past, this area is by no means Dangerville but, even so, its still not a good idea to be out that early in what is essentially a semi-rural area. Heck, we’ve got people with horses and cows out here despite it being a ‘semi-urban’ area.

When we lived in Reisterstown, idiots used to consider any woman walking on the street after ten a prostitute and would try to pick them up by subtle and sometimes not so subtle means. The actual prostitutes who may or mayn’t have been out there have my respect because those guys were complete assholes. [money for the Watercooler Bank Bottle of Destruction]

Needless to say, the worry was laying on thick.

Frankenstein* and I hauled ass this morning without even putting socks on in search for my wayward Maternal Parental. Thankfully, we found her just as she was about to come back home on finding out at a local 24 hour business that it was indeed just…three o’clock in the morning.

It was okay after that, I’d even found a quarter on the way down to the main road and a penny on the way back. I admit to feeling bad about the quarter. It was a knee jerk reaction due to my usual lack of financial resources.

Once we got back home, I was damn near ready to try almost anything to kill the pain. The first thing that came to mind though was sage tea. I was downstairs which negated my going upstairs to take a painkiller. I was also super awake and while I don’t normally like taking sleeping aids, three days with no sleep is really too much. So I made the tea.

As usual it bubbled over and there’s now a goopy mess to clean up in the Microwave but I dropped off about twenty minutes after downing it and I didn’t wake up until eleven-thirty this morning.

Now that I’m awake, Frankenstein* and I are going to get some more knitting done while watching television. I’ve really got to have a think on getting one of the back cushions with arm rests or more pillows.

*Frankenstein is my new pet name for my left foot. More on him may be found by clicking on the Vocabulary link at the top of this blog.


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