The Election Drama – Computer Desk Confessionals

I admit to three things.

One, I did not maintain my ‘no watching the results’ promise. I got hooked at about nine last night and I haven’t been to bed yet. Such is my weakness…*sigh*

Two, I nearly drowned on all the tears I cried when Brian Williams said that Obama won. I thought of all that came before to lead up to that moment and, hopefully, that moment will be burned forever in my memory.

Three, I still have this sticker on my forehead. I’m going to wear it as long as possible too.

Now, I need to get five minutes of sleep. Then, once those…wonderful children leave for school, I can get to sewing some more. The Brown Battle Beast makes too much noise for sleeping people. I’m actually still in shock, hence this short blog post. Zzzzzzzz….


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