The Election Drama – Proposition 8

I keep trying to post something I wrote about California’s Proposition 8 but I’m still so pissed about it, it usually comes out as a profanity filled venomous tirade. Suffice it to say, KaliTime is not pleased with it. Not pleased at all.

I’m still hoping that some Deus Ex Machina situation comes about from the absentee and provisional ballots that remain to be counted.


3 thoughts on “The Election Drama – Proposition 8

  1. I totally agree, why does it effect us if Gay men get married? I totally thought that proposition 8 would be defeated, and now I am sad to hear that it passed. I think that there should be a law suite against the measure, because I don’t think that proposition 8 is constitutional.

    Though proposition 8 pretty much assuredly passed, there is still a slight chance it didn’t, keep updated on the progress of proposition 8 at


  2. Tsladeche – I’ve googled a lot of articles with a lot of politicians promising to fight against these measures a few months ago. I’m wondering how many of them will keep to that. Its easy to make campaign promises prior to getting elected, but how many will keep to those now that they’re in office or now that whatever it is they wanted at the time is fulfilled?

    WaltzInExile – Fingers crossed indeed.


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