The Election Drama – This is as clean as it gets…

This is as much as I could clean it up. If I’d replaced rather than eliminated the swear words…it would have been a lot longer. While trufflin’ round on Dkos, I did come across an interesting entry from a woman named Shanikka. Like me, she’s both Bisexual and Poly and, also like me, she’s Black and questioning those exit poll numbers regarding Black voter response.

At the end of the day, I’m thinking that [some news/other organizations] even throwing something like that out is a means of sowing the seeds of discord and division between groups who might otherwise have each others backs or at least remain civil with one another. True, I’ve heard my share of assholes who also happen to be black making all sorts of snide comments about LGBT people, but a lot are not like them and adopt a ‘Live and Let Live’ policy. For every ass, there’s a ‘Dorothy Beam’ offering a hug and warm comfort.

I sure as hell am not defending any ass who voted in favor of that thing. I actually feel that any religious entity [church, temple, etc] proven to have had anything to do with the organization for that idiotic measure should lose their tax exempt status immediately. That’s the way to really hit back. That, in conjunction with protests and boycotts, will at least send a message that LGBTs are a group to be reckoned with. Coupled with the continuous efforts to get the proposition repealed, hopefully, Same Sex marriages will not only exist in California but all across the country.

I know I exist as a Bisexual Polyamorous Woman deserving of equal rights. How many other LGBT people of all backgrounds are out there? How many supporters are out there as well?

Now, the clean version.

California’s Proposition 8 has to be the single most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Way to go. Violate the rights of your fellow citizens and human beings by allowing your bigotry to come between them and their right to happiness and equality before the law.

I’m getting so sick of the [paper thin] arguments that banning Same Sex marriage is somehow preserving the cultural heritage/family values of the people bigoted enough to pursue a yes vote on it. You’re not preserving my values nor my heritage.

Believe me, the last thing on my mind is your alleged cultural heritage beyond its influence in making the lives of others more difficult. I’m not a member of your church, or any church. Even if I were religious, I sure as hell wouldn’t have a thing to do with your church if you’re so willing to treat someone who’s got nothing to do with you in such a manner. I sit where I want to on ‘the bus‘.

The truth of the matter is most probably this – You’re threatened. Even ten years ago, a number of LGBT people were afraid to even breathe at political mobilization. It must come as a shock to you to see so many places not only judiciously hear the cases of LGBT people but to even side in their favor based on the legal mandate in their respective area with regard to equal protection of rights under the law. Not having the power to bully one more group must make you boil over inside since most other groups being a proverbial whipping boy has been taken away.

Congratulations, this just got personal. No one was trying to force anything on anyone. The irony about trying to kill something like this is that every cut is quickly avenged and hopefully, through the courts, your worst nightmare will be realized within the next decade [or much sooner]. Incontestable Gay marriage in every state and territory in US possession.

Heck, I’m Poly too. I’d love to have the pleasure of rubbing that one in your faces as well. Federally recognized Same Sex and Polygamous marriage in every corner of the country ASAP.


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