Financial Restraint

I don’t care how hungry I get or how much I might crave XYZ food, I will not [REPEAT WILL NOT] invade The Watercooler Bank Bottle of Destruction for funds. I came so close last night. So damn close. I was starving and dizzy [still am actually] and the appeal of the local delivery/takeaway called seductively to me.

Despite it all, I’ve been resisting. Even as I’ve been practically glued to the flyer, I’ve been resisting. Even if I had the money to spare, going to ALDIs is clearly the better option than going to the closer place but…it’s been so long. I may have to wait until at least Wednesday at the earliest to get a proper meal.

I’ve got to find something. Then when I get some finances, I’ve got to stock up on a lot of other somethings.


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