She Forgot The Law

Today, this morning in fact, has been an interesting morning. It’s only five hours in too.

I was about to finish turning all the lights out downstairs at half past midnight when, for some reason, the centerpiece on the kitchen table reminded me of some important event on 20 November…

What could it possibly be….

Oh right. The summons in the candy dish. MY MOTHER HAS JURY DUTY AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING.

I called upstairs to remind her and she’s been in a tittertwitter since that moment. All the time I’d reminded her of this prior to a month ago, she’d put off trying to find a way to get there, a way to find the place, the proper clothing to wear. She’d gotten the summons in late September but found it convinient to ignore it until October when I reminded her of its existence…on the stairs. Lucky for her, it was right [literally] before it was due to be turned in. I’d pestered her on 1 October and the deadline for sending it in was 5 October.

Even then, I’d asked her to consider her ability to get there but she filled it out anyway despite knowing that it would be a hardship to get from here to Towson so early in the morning and soley by bus [sans me].

So she forgot. Days turned into weeks turned into today where she’s running around like a lunatic trying to get ready.

Calm. Cool. Collected. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. If what the MTA website says is correct, the bus that takes us by 401 Bosley Avenue Circuit court is the 11 GMBC/Goucher College. If not, it’s a walk from York Road via the 8 Towson, not too far from the Library if my eyes don’t deceive me regarding Mapquests view of the archetechture.

I’m taking my knitting, and a book on sewing. I may be there a while. When I know more, you’ll know more.


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