The Law Never Sleeps

Potential jurors on the other hand…

It was insane on the morning of 20 November. As stated in the previous blog post, I had to help my mother get out to Towson for her Jury Duty appointment and, let me tell you, it was an ordeal. She spent most of the time we traveled either whining or constantly questioning EVERYTHING while simultaneously accusing me of questioning her faculties. Every turn, every street, every sign. Look, I understand nervousness, but what happened was over the limit of nervousness and into the realm of deranged.

Not like she ever listens to me anyway, but I’d gotten to the point where I was calling out each street name for both my own purposes and hers. For me, I wanted to properly plot the location of the Baltimore Research site to hopefully save money the next time I’m up there. For her, to let her know on a street by street basis that we were getting closer. Every two minutes though was ‘When are we going to get there?’ and ‘Why aren’t we there yet?’ to myself and the poor bus driver.

I almost snapped. I admit it. I almost did. Finally, I stated in a clear firm voice that the place was coming up and that she should look out for a RIGHT TURN on Towsontown Blvd. and then a LEFT TURN onto Bosley Avenue when we got to the exit of GMBC. I even showed her the hand mnemonic I normally use to remember directions. Still. Did. Not. Help. A. Damn. Thing.

So I left it alone as I reaffirmed the ‘Hell Low of Bellona Avenue’ mnemonic in my mind via my hand trick. It’s a pathetic three block walk. I could actually see one of the business parks I’d gone to under the mistaken belief that it was the Bellona Avenue facility I’d been looking for in the distance.

When she realized she was not getting any more attention regarding her dramatics from me, she turned the works on the poor bus driver. Thankfully, we were almost there and due to her sexist belief that a man is always right while a woman is inferior, she kept quiet until we got off the bus.

Then, it started again.

Immediately, after we hit the ground, it became ‘Well, where is it? You think you know so much.’

*terse look*

I walked up to the first person I saw and asked where the courthouse entrance was located and, on following the guys directions, I walked around the building we’re been dropped off at and figured out by all the POLICE, LAWYERS, AND SECURITY around, that it must have been the courthouse. Still not enough though.

‘Do you know where we’re going?’

Yes. *terse look*

‘How do you know?’

That is the building… *terser look*

‘You don’t know anything. I’m going to ask someone. Excuse me Miss…?’

I walked across the street. She was still asking the lady directions by the time I’d gotten across. When she finally did come over, I asked a guy what time it was and, after a misunderstanding about me asking for ‘change’, he informed me that it was a quarter after eight. Right on time. Just like I’d planned it.

So, into the building and through security we went. We stayed there for most of the day and were [thankfully] let out early when the lady informed us that the dockets were all cleared due to a lot of plea agreements and out of court settlements.

Thats not the funny bit though. The funny part was when, almost to a person, the Jury Room became a big sleep orgy. Everyone was finding somewhere to take a snooze with the prize seats being the plush purple ones in the waiting area near the snack room. I finally managed to wrangle my little corner and slept most of the day there, only waking once to turn over, and a second time when my mother had disappeared.

Yep, she almost got in trouble.

She went out for her precious cigarettes. Two smoke breaks where she’d left the building and the ability to hear the PA speaker if her name and number had been called. Then she’d left again at lunch without signing out. I got up and asked the cashier if she’d seen my mother and she said that no one by her name had signed out.

Here we go again…

I stalk all over the building, coming back twice between my checking the downstairs and the other time when I’d gone outside to check around. I was just about to check the Court Cafe across the street when two others in the same Jury pool I’d questioned waved me down when they saw her.

‘I didn’t know I couldn’t go out…?’

We went back through security and got back up to the waiting room where the lady explained everything again. My mother felt so guilty that she gave me a dollar to get something out of the vending machine. Yay me.

I went over and got some chocolate thing blocking the Honeybun and sighed before getting my drink from the other machine. Everything else was soda, sugar water, and filtered tap water, but one had tea. I went over there, put my dollar in, expecting to get .30 cent in change and one can of tea but…there was a nickel already sliding out of the machine at the shaking of it from the drink coming down. Then the drink hit the catchment area…only…it was two drinks. Then…the change slid down and…it was not .30 cents but .52 cents in addition to that nickel that had come down prior.

Okay, nice. I’m not complaining. I came back out and showed my mother what had happened and she sent me back in for another of the same cakes while she took mine. When I got back in there, someone was looking at the machine and I was secretly hoping that they’d get the last chocolate thing so I could get the Honeybun…but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Then, as people came back from lunch, the lady announced that we could all go home. I think people almost did cartwheels.

We walked out, and after a brief verbal tiff over the bus stop location, got on the bus and were on our way. As we got closer to the end of our trip, she tried more and more to weasel out of going to the ALDIs as she’d promised she’d do before but eventually guilt got the better of her [shockingly] and she got off with me. We got a cart and picked up a few things out of the market before I heard…The Voice. THE VOICE. The unmistakably loud voice having a verbal spat with someone.

I turned around in a daze. I saw a familiar face and walked right up to it. One arm extended in warm greeting. It was my old paraprofessional [Assistant teacher] from High School. Not only was she there but she gave us a ride home at a time where we’d have stood out in the cold and dark for a good hour before the bus came.

So, aside from finding out that I might be in jeopardy of losing my place in the GEIO study due to my health stuff, and missing my appointment with my p-doc today, that’s about it. Unless there’s something in my Public e-mail account. I haven’t checked it in a few days.


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