Healthing Out

I got back from my walk at twenty after six in the morning. Since then, I’ve been going over a few blogs I normally read regarding the topic of health and weight loss. It’s really nice to have a positive influence rather than some of the frighteningly negative ones I’ve seen online. I’ve no desire to be a stick figure. I’d much prefer being healthy.

Anyway, while on one called Ronie’s Weigh, I ran across a post regarding a script she created as a sort of a food journal that can be kept up via twitter. I like keeping an electronic journal much more because I’m not only more likely to be honest about it in typing it out but I’m also going to be less likely to avoid it. I tend to shy away from writing anything by hand and I MUCH prefer typing things out. There are other things on the site that look useful too and I can’t wait until I can get the hang of them to try them out.

I already set my account up on Twitter…much to my annoyance at their not accepting my e-mail address…and as soon as I figure out this units calculation, I’m going to start making more detailed documentation here of what I eat. I’m definitely going to throw this at the people at the GEIO Study at the NIH as a resource to aid in the health upkeep of participants.

I almost said ‘Create another blog for my food records’ but even I’m not that much of a masochist. Time for a new Blog Category…muahahahahaaa.


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