Modular Homes with Videogames…in Spam-landia

Finally, some spam I can get behind again. Well, for the most part. I haven’t played non-computer games since I was 18…

Still, its better than some of the stuff out there and, according to research, its actually good for the mind.

play games | | IP:

play games…

Think playing video games……

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Modular homes would be no problem for me. I practically live in my room as it is.

Modular Homes | | IP:

Modular Homes…

Modular housing can be a quality and economic alternative to traditionally built homes in tight financial times….

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Speaking of…I’ve got to steel myself for my morning walk.

I need to think positively. It’s not that I get violently ill at the mere thought of going out there, its my desire to not be in here for so long that’s driving me to push myself out the door.

I’ve got to think of my health, both long term and short term. I’ve got to think of the benefits of stress relief [says the person having a panic attack despite trying not to].

I’ve got to think of the progress I’m making in the GEIO study. Despite illness and all the other stuff, I’ve still managed to make it this far into the study and even lose some weight. It’s not as much as I would have hoped to have lost but its still something. My goal in starting the study was to lose 25lbs and, so far, I’m 8-10lbs lighter than when I started the study at 238lbs. This is not accounting for the whole edema thing. I normally look at the scale and just add five pounds.

Okay, now I’m just stalling. Time for walkies.


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