Oh, Its Here…

I have a cold. I’ve been trying to deny it over the past few days as I’ve felt more and more shitty but its finally, formally, arrived. It brought with it fireworks, sparkles, cake sprinkles, and that weird little Gas Mask Head Kid from Doctor Who.

Rotten cold.

I barely go out. How do I manage to even catch colds? It seems like it would contravene all known laws of epidemiology.

Anyway. My initial reason for even opening this blogging client.

By some weird diabolical pact my computer made with some abominable entity or entities unknown, I can now not only install Google Desktop but [I think] GoogleTalk. Up until now, my computer and Google have laughed maliciously at my expense when I even dared to look at the Install link. I’m one of those common people who can’t afford both a new computer and a high cost operating system.

But…today. I not only installed Google Desktop but a Social Networking remote poster called thwirl. I LOVE thwirl. I love it, I love it, I love it. Again, this goes against my computers grain by being another application that’s really pushing it. I hadn’t even heard of this app prior to today but I’ve got Adobe AIR running on my PC. For the record, my computer has nowhere near the right system requirements to run this stuff but its on here and functioning. I just don’t ask anymore…lol.

By the way, has anyone seen the way Brian Williams has been wearing his hair lately? I mean, what was he thinking? Doesn’t he know that he’s going against the fashion grain by wearing it the way he is? I just don’t know if it works for him. Its really pushing the envelope of accepted fashion to be that bold.

I’m being silly. Everyone else is being stupid regarding Katie Courics’ hair. I’ve been watching the nightly news on four channels for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. I have never once heard someone make such a spectacle of an anchors haircut. Is it because Katie Couric is…a woman…


No, double standards in a society that claims not to have them. It couldn’t be…/sarcasm/

Why in the living hell does she have to bend to everyone elses will? When I was a kid, Tom Brokaws hair looked a hell of a lot different than it did when he retired from the Nightly News. No one freaked out and talked about it like a bunch of brainless…idiots. I wanted to say something stronger but I don’t have enough money to back it up in the Watercooler Bank Bottle of Destruction.

Ah, heck. I need to lay down. I’m too out of it. A good idea for the whole Katie Couric thing would be this; For every idiotic comment someone makes about her hair, a donation of no less than $5.00USD to benefit the charities of her choice. There, that ought to fix them.

*drops to the floor in illness*


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