I Figured It Was Something Like This…

Trust me to be several eons late but I found out for sure why Doctor Who Classic hasn’t truly been on in a while. Its a shame too. Its one of the few reasons I watch MPT anymore. Apparently, MPT has lost the rights of Doctor Who classic and possibly the new series. What butterfingers allowed that to happen…I can’t even hazard a guess.

I feel anchorless. I truly do. Doctor Who on Saturday nights was something I was looking forward to brainwashing my kids on. It’s been one of the few steady constants throughout my life and especially during a lot of very troublesome times for me. It was, in essence, my escape from a lot of bad things and something that allowed me to consider the possibility of a better existence beyond what I was exposed to as a child. It should tell you something that I have a dedicated category for ‘Doctor Who‘ on this blog…

Heck, I even took up knitting mainly due to my long held desire to make ‘The Scarf‘…

As a few in the forum said, I may also have to invest in buying some of those BBC DVDs if none of the local Broadcast PBS stations pick up the series…

Its just sad though. If they decide not to, I guess I’ll be looking at a whole lot more WETA Create and CSI Weekends.


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