Sickness, Thy Name is KaliTime – High Ruler of Upchuck

WOW I’ve been sick lately. I eat, but it won’t stay down. It just won’t.

Its actually find of funny and predictable in its own twisted way. Its ironic though; I was meant to lose at least five pounds prior to going to Bethesda this upcoming Tuesday. Despite all the working out, Yoga, Calorie counting, and other things I did, I lost virutally nothing in the way of weight.

Let me get sick for four days and suddenly, I’m dropping more than seven pounds. I don’t know the exact number because, between the drop on the scale and the yo-yo-ing edema issue, I cannot definitively tell. The lowest I’ve weighed in all this was 228lbs but that’s by no means a static number. The highest I’ve gone regarding the edema was 257lbs. Yes, I am telling the truth. I’ve got independent verification of this via a witness and I went to the doctor as soon after the high weight as I could manage.

So, all I can hope for is a really really really long Nintendo that gets me just under the five pound minimum [or even less] to stay in the study.

Aside from this vastly boring venture into my health status, I went back to the ‘Vlad Kozlov/Oleg Prudius‘ board on Talk-Sports. Muahahahahahahaha, its growing…*suspenseful music*

Yes, M’friends, he has now an Estrogen Brigade. He has one good, the poor sod. LOL

I hope this doesn’t adversely affect his push in the WWE. I think the last thing anyone wants to see is him in a glittery, sparkly suit; covered in glitter paint…whoops, erm. *whistling innocently*


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