Social Conversations with My Cousin

My cousin [younger by nearly nine years] and I have been having a rather amusing ‘knock down/drag out’ Wall to Wall on Facebook lately. It’s so far culminated in her telling me that ‘we’re going to fight’ because I ‘didn’t get enough beatings as a child’ and thus ‘didn’t learn to respect my elders’.

Quite the opposite actually. I got rather a lot of beatings and derisive comments from adults which essentially burned my trust with just about everyone from a very young age. Even now, it takes a lot for me to even begin to trust people unless I’ve known them for a while and also feel comfortable enough to extend the olive branch. Even with that, I still tend to be distant.


I had intended on only a short reply but, on seeing what I’d written, I figured I’d post it here to remind myself of what I typed off the top of my head. Its my hope that these ‘spur of the moment’ comments will, in future, come to be my ethical compass given how right I feel about them at the present.

You’re certainly not older than I am. Happy birthday whiner. ;-p

As to the beating and respecting the elders part, there’s no such thing as an absolutely right mortal person determined by age alone. Technically, some of the worst people in history are my ‘elders’ but that doesn’t mean I should [nor anyone should] blindly follow whatever they do.

There are times when Right and Wrong aren’t based on social or chronological hierarchy but on the recognition of an injustice with a desire to fight against said injustice. If we, as both free individuals and as an ethical collective, didn’t question the authority and status quo of those that came before us, we’d never have made any societal advancements. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.

Besides, I don’t believe in hitting children. Kids don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Its our job as older people to help them learn, not beat them into submission. Anyway, that’s my take. Stop getting violent.

It’s amazing to think that, not too long ago, she was this annoying little loudmouth ball of vomit and poo. Now she’s grown…

Just kidding, she’s a really cool person actually.


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