Oh, So Many Things

I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll try to list them all but, to be honest, it’s such a headspin that I probably will forget something.

  1. Pee Aunt is now among us. She’s coming to live in this community complex. Oh joy.
  2. My t-doc is leaving. I’m kind of used to that one, so I think my glib response was more disturbing to her than I’d intended to provoke. People come and go all the time. If I spent my time getting torn up about it, I’d never survive. Even with that, I’ve still got the option of seeing her at another branch. That’s more than I’ve had in the past.
  3. The GEIO Study is on temporary hold. It works in my favor, yes, but I still feel bad for them. There was a massive pipe burst that flooded out two or three floors and they’ve got to do a shitload of repairs and equipment replacement. I’m just happy that everyone there is alright. I’ve become rather attached to the people there.
  4. My hair is now officially long. It’s the longest it’s been since 2004 and I only discovered this after combing through it for the first time in a few months.
  5. My cousin asked me to babysit her kids and I’m actually considering it. My hope is that they’re not nearly as annoying, whiny, and evil as she was. If they’re somehow genetically recessive of her, then it will be a joy.
  6. Finally got the Chase Brexton study check. Wooo hooo. Bought some food.
  7. In the same instance as above, while shopping at ALDI, I bought some salsa that was the cheapest price I’d seen for a container that size. I had been expecting the nastiest stuff this side of Hell but was willing to take the hit in this economy.

    Remembering that I also needed chips, I turned around and got a bag. The price of the salsa was 1.49 and the price of the chips… 99 cents. Yeah, I know. I took the rest of the money I was willing to spend buying other food items including [again ironically] a can of diced tomatoes and chiles that just popped up out of the corner of my eye.

    In truth, I saw the sign long before the can. With the 49 cent can of diced tomatoes and a previously purchased 39 cent can of tomato paste, I should be able to make a good batch of pasta sauce. So we’ve got enough to eat for at least the next two days.

    When I got home, I found out that really cheap can really also be really good. The salsa is the best I’ve tasted outside of Pico de Gallo. The chips were the best and rivaled Snyders, and considering I paid less than 7.00 for what would have cost me double that, I’m happy with my decision to give the other markets the pushoff.

  8. Even better, the edema in my legs is down to the point where they’re not hurting. I hope this lasts as they were killing me yesterday.

With the whole Pee Aunt thing, there’s nothing I can do really. She’s here and, as much as I dislike her, I still don’t want to see anyone homeless. It’s better she lives here than nowhere.

I did also take the sewing book back to the Library. Much to my sadness I left it there this time. Rather than check it out again at the desk, I wanted to give someone else a chance to either check it out or, if it’s on a waiting list, go to that person. I’ll just put it on my waiting list account online. That way, if there’s no line for it, I can justifiably get it again without feeling guilty about keeping it off of the shelves.

Though, on reading the reviews online, I’ve found out [based on their testomony] that a number of older books are actually better and more extensive than the one I looked at. I’ll have to look into it all after I get this most recent collection of books and DVDs from the Library sorted and consumed. Three books and six DVDs on Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing. My next few weeks are going to be quite busy indeed.


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