Dedication – No Apologia or Condemnation Required…

…as it pertains to other parties.

I can honestly say that I gave it my all in busting the ass out of this place with regard to cleaning. I started days ago in order to give myself asthma breaks, have been constantly at it even when doing other things, and [as of today] have been literally beating the tar out of rugs, clothes, tables, chairs, and everything else I could get my hands on.

No more negativity mentioned here with regard to The Maternal Parental.

Now, I got to knit.


2 thoughts on “Dedication – No Apologia or Condemnation Required…

    • Thanks, and thanks for your comments.

      I’m used to it though. It’s been 23 years since I was first diagnosed. Barring super cold winter air and super muggy summer air, as long as I have Puff the Magic Albuterol, I’m good unless there’s a major irritant in the air like smoke, pollen, or something.


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