Projected Project Completion

I’m not dead yet. At least, I don’t think I am.

I have, in fact, been doing quite a bit of Knitting while learning [attempting to learn] how to Crochet, Bead Knit, and Sew via books from the Library. This is on top of the whole sickness thing. Gotta love the health. My being sickly is probably most responsible for me having learned so much about everything I do know. In a way, I have to thank it for being a fundamental part of my life, even if it is a pain in the ass.

I’ve just finished a scarf for the mail lady. It’s light blue, dark blue, and white, about 7′ long and 10′ wide with dark blue tassles. I made it on the horizontal [’cause I’m lazy] and it’s pretty much got an alternating stripe pattern that runs the length of it as a result. I am considering this the ‘January’ project toward my 43things goal. Pictures will be posted over here when I get around to it.

As an aside, I’m also stitching together a quilt/afghan/whatever by knitting 50 CO squares when I have the time. Since I’m holding it as stitch practice, I’m incorporating each new stitch pattern learned into the squares. I may or mayn’t buy a cheap bedsheet to back it or even line it between knitted panels. By the end of the year, it’s my hope to have a blanket at least big enough to cover myself and my hope is that it’s warm.

My other hope is for the yarn to last that long LOL. Mind, with the way I was chomping at the bit a few hours ago while looking at e-Bay, I am hoping to have enough food more than yarn given what I saw on there. Thank goodness for ALDI’s.

Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be able to Crochet another as well as I’m doing with the Knitting right now.

I really love Public Free Libraries. I learn so much from them.

Other than that, I suppose I could freak out about President Barack Obama being officially made President of the United States, but I’m reasonably sure I was heard screeching and hollering for joy last Tuesday. May the toxicity finally be at an end.

Now, I go downstairs [with Yarn Bin Overladen and Addition Al Supplies] to Knit, watch Victor/Victoria, and plot my dictatorial yarn over…nevermind. I’m going to Knit.


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