Murphy’s Law – Real Life Applications Aren’t So Fun

No sooner do I get the laptops connection working [thanks V] than the AC Adapter on the laptop sparkles and fades. So now I’ve got to go to some place that still carries an ADP – 145BB adapter for a Compaq Presario 1622 that’s also low priced.

What really pissed me off is that I just transferred A LOT of stuff onto the laptop to rescue my overwhelmed Desktop.

I will be so overjoyed when I can get a very nice new to newish computer with a very very VERY deep amount of drive space and a supremely fast amount of RAM. We’re talking several hundred GB for space and at least a few GB for RAM. Right now, I’ve got 7GB [4.5 working GB] on this PC with only 192MB of RAM. Yes, this is true. Given that my mother is just learning how to use a computer, I’m planning on giving her this one unless she tosses it off so thoroughly that I’ll give it to V. He’s been so great, I should just ditch her but I keep hoping she’ll pick up an interest.

Once that’s done, then everything on both the Laptop and PC would go to the newer model. If all three are to be here, then there’d be one more cruncher for BOINC. If not, then I can only hope that the next owner would include it when they used it.

Oh yeah, on top of that, I’m sick and I’ve got Library stuff that I have to pick up today or else I’m charged a hold fee and the stuff goes back. *sigh*

Ah well, at least its snowing. That’s usually a nice thing for me.


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