The CBE Group, Inc

This isn’t the first time we’ve had them call and, like the other times, we’ve had to deal with the most rude obnoxious twits ever to walk the face of the Earth.

The little pissant actually had the audacity to try to bully my mothers account number and routing number out of her to collect the full amount [almost $500.00USD] on a debt he won’t verify in writing. Produce your evidence.

Either way, I’m writing to Marylands Attorney General.

They called ME before on a debt I had nothing to do with and, again, wouldn’t verify it in writing. When I traced the number to them, they denied all association with ‘The CBE Group’. Nice try. Either way, with ‘corporations’ like that, *57 is my best friend.

Time three, another bill bully for my mother. I had him by the ass though. I’d paid the full thing myself to the original owed company about two months prior. It hurt like everything but paid it I did and proof I did also have. After a bit of stuttering and a long pause, stupid git thought he could call my bluff but I told him to contact the company I paid to see whether I did or didn’t do it.

I haven’t heard back from him since.

There have been other situations [The Pauline Exerience comes to mind] where they’ve called but those weren’t in my name even if they had the address and telephone number right. For the record, this is the only alias I use and I sure as hell wouldn’t use it on a bill. I’ve yet to hear someone call for ‘KaliTime Camaralzman’ looking for a payment but, if they did, I’d laugh my ass off at the absurdity of it.

Anyone else have crap regarding The CBE Group? Let it all out. It’s cathartic.


2 thoughts on “The CBE Group, Inc

  1. Note: When a debt it owed, 1st whatever business it is tries to collect the balance due in house. They prefer to not send it to collections so they can receive 100% of what is due.

    With that said, once a bill goes over a certain amount of days they have the right to turn it over to collections b/c they’re not going to spin their wheels trying to collect a debt. That’s why you have a professional try to collectthe debt.

    Now the calls you received in regardsto your mom. Your mom signed up for something and put you down as a reference. What that means is if she doesn’t pay the bill, they try reaching her by mail and via phone… and she doesn’t respond… they call the people listed as references b/c they most likely know the best number to reach her at.

    When your stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s understandable to why she got behind in her bill and now is in colections.

    The best advise is to help her stratgize how she can take control of her debt. In the meantime, stop picking up the phone when it’s a number you don’t know. That way you can avoid the conversation. And tell your mom to stop putting you down as a reference. Also, tell the person that is calling you that they have the wrong phone #. You may get called again if your skip traced… again… so you don’t have these issues in the future… tell your mom to stop using your name and phone # as a reference.

    About you paying the bill and the telling the collections agent you already paid it… it could be very possible that the company you paid the debt directly with did not send your payment batch to the collections agency to take out of the calls. You’d have to take that up with the company you paid the bill with.

    FYI: Collection agencies don’t intentionally call people who don’t owe a debt. Nor do they call to just make you mad. They call because they have received your information and been told you owe a debt and to collect it.

    If somebody owed you money, they wouldn’t pick up the phone when you called them and wouldn’t respond to your letters, wouldn’t you get upset? I know the majority of other people would to. So if you could turn over that account to have a professinal try to collect that debt, wouldn’t you do it? If you say no… you got to be kidinng.

    To a human being with feelings from a human being with feelings… I understand. Take responsibility for what is your part and if somebody is abusing using your name as a reference talk with them, explain to them how it affects you and tell them to stop.


  2. Hi Sue,

    Note – I’m aware of the mechanisms of collections. What they’ve been doing is still wrong on several counts though.

    With the one bill that’s actually my mother’s, we’ve made arrangements and have been keeping up on the payments. So, to hear ‘CBE Group’ coming out of nowhere on this is just shifty.

    In all the other cases, my mother didn’t sign up for a thing. A good majority of the calls were actually for someone elses ‘account’. We got names as widely varying as the telephone book, all calling here, and all ‘sure’ they had the right number. This is where I think the problem started. On two occasions, when they called, my mother gave her full name/address and associated it with this number. I only just managed to stop her before she gave her SSN and birthdate. From that point on, the calls started for her despite not owing a dime at the time.

    We had problems with the telemarketer from hell when I was a kid who didn’t like the fact that I messed a sale up for him. He broke the law in calling us past the regulated times for the state of Maryland and despite repeatedly being told that we were absolutely, positively not interested, he kept calling from 7pm until a little after 9pm which is well after what was then the legal cut off time of 6pm. I’m not kidding, he and I got into it for almost an hour before he gave up.

    So much for Texas, don’t mess with Maryland.

    The next day he [no proof but who else would have done such a thing] hooked our number up to an auto dialer from 8am – 11am to the point where my hopping online [Dial up days] during a lull was the only way to stop the calls. It had gotten so bad with the confirmed stuff with him that we had to change the number. Even then, the guy managed to tag us with an 1,100.00 bill for services we didn’t want, need, use, or ask for. It took more than a year to straighten that one out.

    So, I’m used to a lot of the scams by now. This group, or whoever is claiming to be this group, is shifty.

    I had previously also gotten calls from this specific collector [CBE] using the same tactics but, when I asked for proof in writing because I had no bills, they gave me attitude and never produced it. When I called the original company about it, a company I had never EVEN dealt with, they’d heard nothing about it.

    Then, when another collector called for the Infamous Pauline, I asked them if they were associated with the CBE Group since they’d called within twenty minutes of each other from the same area code. Not only did the other woman on the line apologize when she realized that ours wasn’t the number of Pauline, but she was shocked and disgusted by even the notion of being associated with CBE Group.

    Her exact words were ‘I’ve heard all about them. They’re the worst of the worst. No one is that bad.’

    So, what’s wrong with producing evidence? Does a stamp cost that much nowadays that a paper bill/verification can’t be sent? Believe me, in the past, I’ve asked for them and never received any. Even better, why not send it by certified mail? That way, they’d be sure that a live human received it. I’d do it for them since I don’t trust them one inch.

    Maryland has wiretapping laws so, unless I got police permission or notified and got permission from the other caller, I couldn’t use that as evidence and might even go to jail myself. From what I’ve read online about other recipients [victims] of CBE Groups calls, I wouldn’t be likely to get that permission to record.

    FYI – There are, unfortunately, some people who are unscrupulous in this world. I am not going to lie and avoid telephone calls that people don’t have a right to make on my line when I’m the one paying the bill. I am not going to feel like I have to peek at and avoid the telephone if I see ‘the wrong number’ on the caller ID based on someone elses psychosis, and I’m certainly not going to capitulate to a bunch of bullies who threaten people when they have no right to. I’m holding up my end of responsibility, I don’t see why they shouldn’t.

    Even IF they were in the right in regard to the bills they’ve tried to call for over the years, their methods are still in violation of guidelines and are actually subject to fines.


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