New Knitting Obsession – My 43things Goal

I think I may finally be on to something.

This is the last day that anything I make could qualify for ‘The January Project’ in my 43things knitting goal of making at least twelve items during 2009. I’m already anxious to do some more work on something. I may, to keep my mind occupied, fiddle with some squares for the blanket. I figure three large squares a month would give me a fairly large blanket when stitched together at the end of the year. I’ve got the White, Light Blue, and Dark Blue yarns all out and might as well work with them.

Plus, it will give me a chance to practice stitching I’m not as familiar with like seed stitch, as well as ones I’m not at all familiar with like PSSO, SSK, YO, etc.

While I’m organizing, I’m going to be thinking through what The February Project is going to be. I did a hat and scarf for January and I want something more complicated than dishcloths, so I may well try gloves, mittens, and fingerless gloves. I need the practice and the coverage. It’s freezing out there lately and likely to be so for the next month and a half at least.

I also still owe Sleepy a hat but that shouldn’t be so complicated. He said no outrageous colors or anything. Feh.

We’ll see what Punxsutawney Phil has to say on Monday about the weather. That, more than anything, will determine what I make for The February Project.


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