TEP – v2 – Day One

Am I ever glad I didn’t chose something as wide ranging as ‘Lose Weight’ for my 2009 43things yearly goal.

I started out at 236lbs, ballooned up to 257lbs over a span of three days due to edema, went as far down as 228lbs when the edema went down, and am currently at around 241lbs with a mild amount of edema. My actually base weight, I’ll put at between 230 – 235lbs despite the lower number. That could have been due to dehydration or just a fluke on the scale.

I openly admit that I haven’t been eating properly lately. I’d been sick a number of times over the past few months and, as a result, have not been keeping to either a regular meal schedule or even to regular meals. I’ve been eating pretty much whatever stays down and doesn’t hurt my stomach when it would stay down.

I write this now for two reasons. One is to keep up the original point of keeping daily track of my health as I’d intended to in the first place. Keeping regular track of my activities and habits is crucial to my journey to become a more healthy individual.

Two, is to keep with my goal of staying honest. If I can’t write a blog post about it, then I can’t credibly expect to put practical applications to myself in the physical world.

As soon as I can, I’m going to the market for some proper food and, regardless of the consequences, I’ll eat that rather than the stuff I’ve been using lately. Considering the majority of my favorite foods have less than fifty calories per serving, I’d say I’m on a pretty good track. I have to say that reading this post inspired me to finally put this up here.

Now, to the tracking…

Food Units
deluxe wrap, four slices of delivery pizza with pepperoni, tomatoes, and olives, a sixteen oz cup of ginger ale, and 32oz of tea 17
Total: 17

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

Now, first thing tomorrow after Sunday Mass, I’m going for a nice long walk.


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