And Babies Make Fourteen

When they started tooting ‘Single Mom’ I just knew they’d get ridiculous. It’s like Murphy Brown times 14.

Based on what I’ve been following about this, everyone is interjecting their [sometimes highly inflated] opinions based on one Reuters and one AP article, both of of which gave the bare minimum of information to all other agencies. Suddenly, she’s a ‘demonic psychotic terrorist welfare fraud confidence trickster’ and this is all without having one definitive thorough interview with anyone immediately associated with her family, including and most importantly HER.

No, neighbors definitely don’t count. Being honest, would you want your neighbors broadcasting all they thought they knew about you to the media?

Here’s a dumb idea. Why not follow the Associated Press articles alone for any further information? After all, it’s where everyone else is really getting their ‘self spinned’ news from. Either that, or actually read every article that comes out to see the pattern of bullshit for what it is when it crops up. I seriously question the sanity of anyone who would base their primary opinion on any tabloid likely to feature Bat Boy and the Mothman on its cover every few months.

One thing is for sure in all this. There are hypocrites of all stripes both ‘Pro-Choice’ and ‘Pro-Life’. As much as anyone might not like it, it was her body and her choice to implant however many or few embryos she did implants. It was her choice not to selectively abort her kids once she realized how many she may have been carrying. It was her choice to have what she thought was one more child after having six previously.

As much as anyone might gripe, she did exactly what people in both camps say she should have done. She didn’t abort her offspring and she made a decision about her own body and reproductive rights. I guess, for most people, it all goes out the window when it’s not an abstract on a placard. So much for respecting choices and supporting the mother and family regardless of said decision. Not like the opinions of others even matter in her personal life.

Another thing that gets me. How do any of you know how many or few embryos were implanted, if at all? Were you actually there? For all any of you know, she could have had identical twin girls, quad boys, and two singles, sextuplet boys and twin girls, or any other combination.

So shes a single mother with fourteen kids? So what? How many other single mothers are out there who don’t have the roving eye of the public on them to nitpick at every little action they make?

From what I’m reading from the only credible articles that seem to be out there, no one really knows a thing about her beyond her being the single mother of fourteen kids aged seven through a few days old, including twins and the new Octuplets. One minute, they’re deep in debt and the next everything is paid for. One minute shes impregnating herself, at another some ‘unethical’ doctor is ODing her on fertility drugs, and the next who even knows. I’m just waiting for someone to say that she’s a self fertilizing hermaphrodite…

The earliest stories had her married with a husband in Iraq [first military and then a contractor], then shes single, then shes Iraqi herself [boy, the vitriolic comments that came out on that one], and after that, its anyones guess what will come out of some peoples mouths/fingers.

Hell, at this rate maybe someone WILL be putting Bat Boy or the Mothman on the cover of their tabloid again, only this time one of them will be the father. Or maybe both. Ought to throw El Chupacabras in just to be on the safe side.

If any lawyer, advocate, etc in California [or anywhere for that matter] has a conscience, they’d contact that family and offer their services as a Spokesperson Pro-Bono IMMEDIATELY.

All complainants descend upon here now for my response.


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