It’s Hip To Knit Squares

Who ever knew that knitting a 40 CO square could be so much fun and so relaxing? Based on the amount of Red Heart Woodsy yarn I have left, I can tell you on very good authority that this will be at least a bi-colored square, but at least it’s getting done. The remainder of the yarn will, as all does, go into my giant yarn ball for the future purposes of knitting some extravagant thing of many colors.

I’m going to sniff around inside Yarn Bin Overladen to figure out just which color[s] might be good, though it does look as though the White I already have downstairs might be optimal. It would also be nice since it would match the coloring on The Zoukplouf Scarf. An idea might be to have each square represent a project I’ve completed this year in its color and, possibly, pattern. Eh, it’s a thought.

It does seem ironic that I started this square on the eve of Imbolc though, especially given I didn’t get any done in January despite my wanting to. To new beginnings and a year and more filled with peace, prosperity, love, and all that other good stuff.


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