TEP – Day Three

Why some of my entries take forever to show up on my Suprglu is anyone’s guess. I really love the service and between the limitation of feed inclusion and the non-working syndication feed for the page, I’m tempted to look elsewhere. As it is, I’m working around the limitation on feeds by adding them to my 43things so they’ll all come through via the 43people feed.

Even so, it was nice to have one syndicated feed to put into sites, like Ravelry, where a feed was asked for. That way, everything reflective of me could be shown rather than one blog or account.

Anyway, here’s my daily TEP Progress Report. Right now, I’ve got ‘something’ making me ill and I’m not even remotely hungry. Very VERY thirsty but not hungry. It’s probably just the flu or something. It’s been going around in this area. So, I didn’t make it for my Inpatient stay today at the NIH. I’m going to have to reschedule that. *sigh*

Now for tea, possibly knitting, and much in the resting department.

Food Units
wondering if a flaming raging rant counts as a caloric burn. also sick with a fever, probably flu. 32 oz cup of tea with sugar 2
Total: 2

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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