The February Project – Score One For Serendipity

I’ve figured out just what to make for The February Project. Yes, I have.

A hat, mitten, and scarf set for my mother. It’s to replace the one [mismatched scarf and hat] she’s currently wearing [thin].

Since the yarn I’ve bought/was given since I began knitting is signifigantly more durable, it will probably last the ages compared with what she’s currently wearing [out]. We’re still going to be in ‘Pick a color’ territory though. At the end of the day, I may well stick to something neutral like green and white or yellow and white. I’ve got quite a lot of a few colors and very little of some others…LOL. She was partial to Earth and Sky, so I may well incorporate that into a pattern. We’ll see…

So, to get started on both Sleepy’s hat [the 16” circs] and my mother’s scarf [the 36” circs]. Since it will take the longest, I’ll just make it like I made the scarf for The January Project with a few variations and in different colors. I think I’ll make hers wider too.

Well, better get at it. Then, first thing tomorrow, Yoga. My everything is brutal right now.


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