Stitches To Work On

I have a short list of stitches to work on. I figured I’d put them here so, if I lost the paper, I’d have this post as reference.

  1. Stockingette Stitch
  2. Butterfly Twist
  3. Star Mesh
  4. Verticle Vine Dropstitch
  5. Cat’s Paw Eyelet
  6. Faux Cable
  7. Winged Chevrons
  8. Slip Stitch Chain
  9. Zig Zag Trellis
  10. Braided Faux Cable
  11. Wrapped Rib
  12. Faux Ribbed Cable
  13. Slip Stitch Honey Comb
  14. Slip Stitch Ladder
  15. Chain Cable
  16. Cross Stitch Chain
  17. Horizontal Wave
  18. Baby Twist
  19. Twist Brioche Rib
  20. Boxes Divded

For the record, the names of these stitches were copied from that Art of Knitting DVD. At least, I hope I got it copied right. I feel like crap right now and I’m about to lay down. If everything in Knitting is essentially a knit stitch or a purl stitch, then I shouldn’t have reason to be nervous…should I… *biting nails*


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